No Balls, No Glory; A Polaroid Story


Posted in ANATTITUDE by Ouni on June 5, 2010

Frankfurt, 31/05/10

They grow SO fast these days… don’t they?


As promised.

Full report of Anittude The Exhibition with LOTS of pictures.

Who wants to read long stories behind in a computer in this weather right?

If you just joined and don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, please catch up here.

When chief editor of Anatittude Magazine JEE NICE asked me to participate in her exposition I was more than happy to join.

After all, It’s good to unite forces and do collaborations with people you admire and love.

I decided to print out an exact copy of a Polaroid, and I wanted the individual on the Polaroid displayed on real ‘head size’.

Since I see this exhibition as an introduction of me and my blog I decided to choose 2 of my favorite images combined in 1 story:

At The End Of It All, It Was Q featuring Q-Tip aka Kamaal The Abstract and Marie Daulne, Congo-Belgian queen from Zap Mama.

It’s one of my favorite stories and meeting them both at the same time made such a beautiful impact on me so that’s why I decided that they should be on my very first large print-outs.

I was very curious to see the prints, since I had to ship them immediately to London after they got printed because I left for Miami the next day. I was hoping they turned out beautiful and not horrendously.

I really wanted to incorporate a real Polaroid ‘feel’ to it, so I made sure the prints consisted of two different textures, just like a real Polaroid.

So on a grey rainy lazy sunday, Jules and me hopped in the car, left Belgium behind and took a 4 hour road trip to Frankfurt.

What else are you supposed to do on a grey sunday? Hang in the couch?

So when we finally arrived and  I saw my little babies all GROWN up standing relaxed next to one another in this beautiful bright expo space JEE so nicely put together I was happy with my decision to participate.

Enjoy the following impressions of ANITTUDE THE EXHIBITION.

Dotting the i. It’s all in the small details, right?

Two proud baby mama’s

and some more smiley faces


This, my loyal readers, is a little taste, a small experiment, a modest try-out  of what I plan to do in one year, maximum 2.

If you think these pictures are pretty big, well, sorry son,  you aint seen nothing yet. (big grin)

Imagine a big exposition, with MASSIVE polaroids, launched on a beautiful summer night in Ostend (where else) and travelling to 4 cities in the world with a huge launch party and special guests.

Impossible you say?


A girl can dream right?

(much) Love,


Try and visit this beautiful, honest little expo if it hits your (euro) city in the next few months and support Anattitude Magazine!


Special thanks to my good friend and Frankfurt-Chauffeur BOO. ❤ (Nope, we STILL don’t have our drivers license)

Ouni is a tease with Capital T

Posted in ANATTITUDE, Ouni Likes by Ouni on May 30, 2010

Seeing my Pola-babies all GROWN up in Frankfurt made me so proud.

Give me 2 years, a bazzilion new stories +  a sponsor & things might turn out HUGE.  #hint

Full report from ANATTITUDE THE EXPOSITION soon….



OUNI got Anattitude

Posted in ANATTITUDE, Ouni Likes, Polaroids by Ouni on May 26, 2010

Ostend, 26/05/10

Dear loyal readers,

Deciding do begin with this little blog brought me to different places. This blog is , besides my baby, a musical journey for me and I’m not quite sure when it will end, since I feel that this is only the beginning…

So when chief editor of ANATTITUDE Magazine JEE NICE asked me to join forces and participate in her expo she is throwing in order to celebrate the first and only existing international female Hip Hop magazine – on print – its 5th year with –Anattitude THE EXHIBITION– I didn’t hesitate for a minute.

I’m all about taking things to the next level, and this looks like a step in to the right direction to me!

I’m  very proud and honored to be featured next to:

Janette Beckman (USA)
Texas Malika Toussaint-Baptiste (USA)
Lizairo (BE)
Rosy One (CH)
Dope Pose (CH)
FLady (NL)
(No Balls, No Glory) A Polaroid Story (BE)
B Fresh (USA)
Helene Tilman (FR)
Helene Ehrlich (USA)
Toofly (USA)
Indie 184 (USA)
Mara Monetti (DE)
Jens One (DE)
Jeannette Petri (DE)

and many more…!

The exposition will possibly travel from Frankfurt to Paris to London to Berlin to Brussels  so this blog is going #eurotrash and I love it!!

I have never been in Frankfurt before, so this is the perfect excuse to travel to the exposition with my beloved P.I.C. Jules and make a nice report with lots of pictures of the exposition and show you guys what I finally ended up doing for the expo.

Thank you again for all the mails, the likes, the tweets, the messages and the shout-outs, it’s much appreciated.

I love what I do, but my readers make things all more worth while…

So..stay tuned.😉




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