No Balls, No Glory; A Polaroid Story

Doing an accidental Ditto.

Posted in Beth Ditto, Ouni Likes by Ouni on July 21, 2009


Les Ardentes

Waiting on the wrong side of the Les Ardentes festival for Method Man and Redman has its bright sides, you know.

I mean, you mìght just run into Beth Ditto.

Yes. Beth Ditto.

I was standing there all alone, when the most amazing voice since Amy Winehouse just walked me by all fresh and clean.

She stopped, looked at me, smiled and just when I was about to ask that simple question….

“Wow, is that a réal Polaroid!” she spontaneously addressed me?

“Now, well ‘Mam, it is.” I replied politely, “Could I take a …..Polaroid,…”   “Maybe?”

“Of course, you can!” she responds with enthusiasm.

“Ok than.”

She than stood before me and posed like a true professional. No instructions needed.



1..2..3.. Flashing…Lights…Snap!

And of she went, talking all excited about watching the Meth&Red concert with her entourage.

Sometimes being on the wrong place at the wrong time is just destiny calling.



PS: Watch My Favorite Gossip Cover.



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